Beware of the Cows!

This post is a quick review of one of my regular runs.  It starts in Castle Donington along the footpath at the bottom of Hillside.  Across the fields known as ‘The Bottoms’, then to the top of Ladies Close (we were told this footpath was haunted when we were kids, it’s actually a very nice spot) and down into Hemington. Now for the hilly bit, past the war memorial and up Church lane.

About 20 metres on the right there’s a little footpath which goes past an old ruined church, the path then goes up, up, up a little bit more, up through some mud, through a gate, then up the last bit to the top of the ridge.

The view from here is great, it may be of Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station but hey, you can still see a long way (even though my vision may not be 100% after the ascent).

Then you can get ready for the descent and relax.  That is until you see the cows….

I can see them huddled together in the corner of the field planning their attack, they’re waiting for the moment I turn my back.  But I’m cunning and I start to tip-toe wily fox style and take a wide birth, anywhere between 10-40 metres off the footpath. I get to the gate and look back with a smug grin, they didn’t get me this time. Then I think maybe they’re not interested? No, they are interested I just out-witted them.

So along a little footpath to the main road in Lockington and turn right. After the metal gate you have two options, turn right again and you’re on Church Lane which goes back in to Hemington and then retraces your footsteps to Donington (approx 4km run) or you can carry on up, up, up(x5) to East Midlands Airport north perimeter.  When you get to the perimeter turn right (heading west), follow the grass/mud trail.  It can get a bit exposed up there and the ground is undulating. Keep going until you get to the top of Diseworth Road and follow this until you reach High Street, no DON’T be tempted by the pub, remember that cider/beer/wine you’d left to chill before you left home?

From here it is all downhill, in a positive way of course, it’s about 60 metres of descent in 1km. It’s almost spot on 7km, whilst not a great distance the hills make it excellent training for a 10k race.

Anyway, ignore the cows and it’s a lovely run, I’d recommend trail shoes for this too.