The Farmer is Two!

Today The farmer is two.  He has been practising the birthday song for sometime now and so he was well prepared.  I decided to organise a small party for him at home with 6 friends, including big brother, The Fireman.

I opted for a farmyard theme, for obvious reasons.  I planned some activities and games for them, they were all outdoor things and thankfully the weather has been great today. I kept it simple and got hold of two bales of straw and set up the paddling pool as a duck pond.

I also bought some farm animal stencils and some terracotta pots to paint in case they were feeling arty. But they were far too busy throwing straw around.

One bale of straw was used as a seat whilst the other was piled up to create a sort of haystack in which I hid some chocolates and little toys.

I did this instead of pass the parcel as I know the Farmer gets a little confused about who’s turn it is to unwrap the parcel, which turns to tantrums.

The paddling pool  became a duck pond for the day and we used the nets, not quite to hook-a-duck, but to net-a-duck.

The idea was to collect different prizes throughout the afternoon to take home as an alternative to party bags.

I made lots of party food, which included:

Pizza pinwheels – Puff pastry rolled out and spread with tomato and garlic sauce and grated cheese, rolled up, sliced and baked.

Cheese and potato pasties

Ham wraps and cheese wraps

Sweetcorn cobettes

Sausage rolls

Sticky chicken

A variety of snacks

For dessert I made:

Smoothie jellies – smoothie warmed up with soaked leaf gelatine added, then left to set. Topped with whipped sweetened cream and served with sprinkles.

The cake – was 21 cupcakes with a farmyard theme, pigs, chickens and cows.  I got the idea from here as they looked so cute.

The Farmer was so tired by the end of the party, he needed to have a lie down.

The garden may need a bit of tidying, we seem to have a lot of straw about the place.  One bale can be very deceiving.

After all this there is only one thing left to do….an espresso martini (oh and mentally prepare myself for a 10k race tomorrow).