What Are We Having For Pudding Tonight?

I’ve recently started planning our weekly meals as this not only helps me do the shopping but also stops us going through the usual conversation of  ‘what are we having tonight?’.  When put on the spot like this, the pressure is too much and my mind goes blank.

Tonights meal of pork stroganoff, looked particularly unappealing so I added some peas.  Hmm still unappealing. It tasted ok though.

Anyway, that’s the main course sorted, whether it looks like lumpy mud pie or not.  The more pressing question is ‘What are we having for pudding? Even though we don’t need a pudding and we’re all happy just to have some fruit or yoghurt most day, it’s nice to have something different and a bit of a treat.

So with not a lot of time before heading to collect The Fireman, I decided we needed a treat. There was half a pot of cream, a handful of frozen raspberries and a tray of biscuits i’d baked (I predicted The Fireman would invite his friends round, so prepared myself with biscuits,  recipe at the bottom of the post).

I left the raspberries to defrost with a teaspoon of caster sugar sprinkled over.  Whipped the cream with a large spoon of caster sugar and some vanilla.

 I’ve been using this vanilla paste recently, i’d really recommend it.  It’s about £3.99 but lasts for ages and tastes so much better than extract.  And crumbled some biscuits.

I layered these ingredients in a glass and chilled till dinnertime. I guess it’s a bit like a cranachan/romanoff, in my personal opinion I couldn’t care less what it’s called it has cream in it, so it must be edible.

They were very tasty, although I don’t think it needed so much sugar in the cream.  The boys didn’t eat that much as The Fireman kept explaining ‘I’m just a bit tired’  and The farmer had eaten cake on his way home from nursery as part of his early birthday celebrations and wasn’t very hungry.

Biscuit recipe

The biscuits were a basic dough mixture.

250g butter

140g caster sugar

1 egg

2 tsp vanilla extract (although I used almond essence instead)

300g plain flour (I used spelt as it makes a nice chewy biscuit, I thought it was white spelt until I tipped into the mixture, but it was wholemeal, oh well, healthy flour means you can eat more biscuits).

Mix butter and sugar together, add egg and extract, beat in flour.  My dough was quite sloppy so I blobbed spoonfuls onto a baking tray, if its less sloppy, make it into a sausage shape, wrap it in clingfilm, put it in the fridge the 30min, then slice into rounds about 1cm thick. Bake for about 12-15mins on 170c.

There we go, one stroganoff, one romanoff, it that enoff?