Elvaston Nature Reserve and More Bluebells

A trip to Elvaston Castle today for a bit of running.  I’ve been to Elvaston Castle many times, especially since I’ve had my boys.  It’s a lovely country park with varied tracks to explore. An area I had never explored before was the nature reserve.  I wanted to have a look round here to see if it would make a nice trip out for my boys too.  It’s always nice to think I’ve been for a run and done something useful too!

I started from the car park (cost£1.20 for 2hrs), went around the perimeter path of the events field, then into the nature reserve. The run around the reserve added another 2km onto the overall route and it was very pleasant, although I was struggling quite early on due to horrid stitch pains again and also not enough calories before running (starving when only 3km in is not good).

Part of the track was closed due to nesting birds, which is fair enough, after all it is a nature reserve. I then continued through Elvaston Castle and onto the cycle path which leads to the River Derwent path.

There are so many other routes you can choose around here.  Back in September I ran the Golden Gates Gallop around Elvaston Castle, the first (5 mile) race since starting running in August.  It was a killer for me, especially when they send you round for a second lap! But i’ll happily do it again this year.

A nice 7km run today, maybe i’ll fit one more run in before the Aston 10k on Sunday.  Got to get through The Farmers 2nd birthday party yet though, aahh back to the baking.